Nation Realty Inc.

Nation Realty, Inc. is Cosco’s mall development arm. Its 999 Shopping Mall is a specialty mall in the heart of Binondo that houses numerous bazaar stalls, giving shoppers a fresh approach to the flea market or “tiangge”.

As 999 Shopping Mall became the retail hub for Filipino shoppers and resellers who want to purchase quality items at low prices, it has established Nation Realty as a dominant player in the retail shopping segment. It has also been the source of the trending online sellers. 

The shopping mall has two developments, the first of which was completed in 2011. It is a four-storey building that offers a 31,931 square meter gross floor area. The second phase was completed a year later, with a seven-storey building providing a gross floor area of 84,292 square meters.

Moving forward, Nation Realty, Inc. will continue to grow the business through additional income-generating activities, mall expansion and increased branding efforts.