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Corporate Profile

Cosco Capital, Inc. is one of the fastest-growing retail holding companies in the Philippines. Because of its openness to progress and change, it captured all available business opportunities that came its way. Cosco Capital, Inc., was formerly known as Alcorn Gold Resources Corporation and was incorporated on January 19, 1988 as Alcorn Petroleum and Minerals Corporation.

The company envisioned to thrive beyond its prime purpose of being an oil and mineral exploration and development corporation and eventually became a retail holding company on January 13, 2000. Because it shifted to a broader corporate interest, it then became a full-fledged retail holding company and changed its name to, COSCO CAPITAL, INCORPORATED.

Over the years, Cosco Capital is the amalgamation of the different businesses of our chairman Mr. Lucio Co in the field of Retail, Real Estate, Liquor Distribution, Oil and Mineral Exploration, and other Specialty businesses.


The company is proud to own two (2) household names in the retail sector, Puregold Price Club, Inc. and S&R Membership Shopping. The company owns a large majority stake of Puregold Price Club, Inc. Both names cater to the needs of Filipinos from all income brackets.

Our real estate group businesses strategically position themselves by housing a variety of enterprises from basic services to pharmacy chains, fast food restaurants, government services, and banks. Cosco Capital, Inc., has seven (7) companies under its wing which are composed of a total of 50 properties and each has been an integral part of the company's success. The company is proud to hold a list of commercial buildings, co-developed properties, and community malls in several areas. Cosco's Real Estate division is expected to grow more commercial and specialty retail centers in the years ahead.


We also hold a leadership position in the imported wine and liquor distribution business under The Keepers Holdings Inc. which holds exclusive Philippine distributorships for some of the world’s leading brands of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (i.e. Alfonso brandy). The Keepers wholly owns three of the major players in the Philippine liquor, wine, and specialty beverage distribution industry – Montosco, Inc., Meritus Prime Distributions, Inc., and Premier Wine and Spirits, Inc. Collectively, our group is the largest distributor of imported spirits in the Philippines by far. In 2020, the wine and liquor group had a market share of 74.0% based on volume and 66.9% based on retail sales value according to IWSR. The increasing demand to acquire new brands and product lines and make them available to the market is yet another opportunity for the company to expand its business.


Our company already ventured into the non-food business arena by acquiring Office Warehouse for school supplies retail and partnering with Siam Global House Public Company Limited for home improvement and construction-related products retail. These new playing fields are the window of opportunity for the company to explore beyond its business interests.

Cosco Capital, Inc.’s commitment to a more sustainable, resilient, and affordable future drives us to invest and partner with companies that are aligned with our purpose which is to create a better impact on the future of the Filipinos and our planet.


To enrich Filipino lives by providing quality products and excellent services that are affordable, accessible and enjoyable.


To be a leading retail and investment holding company driven by our passion to serve the communities where we operate and our commitment to deliver real growth for the benefit of our stakeholders.


Integrity and Accountability

By ensuring transparency in disclosure of our performance and fostering regular communication with our stakeholders.


Genuine Partnership

With regional and global partners who share our values and principles and general conduct of our businesses.


Customer Satisfaction

Through regular and frequent communication with our customers and emphasis on quality of products and services.


Social Responsibility

Through our community engagement endeavors and efforts to improve the lives of the communities surrounding our operations.




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