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Our Company Profile

Our Company Profile

Cosco Capital, Inc. is one of the fastest growing multifaceted companies in the country today. Because of its openness to progress and change, it captured all available business opportunities that came its way. Before it came about as Cosco Capital, Inc., it was formerly known as Alcorn Gold Resources Corporation and was incorporated on January 19, 1988 as Alcorn Petroleum and Minerals Corporation.
The company envisioned to thrive beyond its prime purpose of an oil and mineral exploration and development corporation and eventually became a retail holding company on January 13, 2000. Because it shifted to a broader corporate interest, it then became a full fledged retail holding company and changed its name to, COSCO CAPITAL, INCORPORATED.
Over the years, the company has grown its business portfolio and has succeeded in the field of Retail, Real Estate, Liquor Distribution, Oil and Mineral Exploration and other Specialty business.
The company is proud to own two (2) household names in the retail sector, Puregold Price Club, Inc. and S&R Membership Shopping.  A large majority stake of Puregold Price Club, Inc., is owned by the company. Both names cater to the needs of the Filipinos from all income brackets.
Our real estate businesses strategically position itself by housing a variety of enterprises from basic services to pharmacy chains, restaurants and unibanks. Cosco Capital, Inc., has seven (7) companies under its wing, and each has been an integral part of the company's success. The company is proud to hold a list of commercial buildings, co-developed properties and community malls in several areas. Cosco's Real Estate division is expected to grow more commercial and specialty retail centers in the years ahead. 
We also hold a position of leadership in the imported wine and liquor distribution business, with each of our three (3) companies holding exclusive Philippine distributorships for some of the world’s leading brands of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The increasing demand to acquire new brands and product lines and make it available to the market is yet another opportunity for the Liquor Distribution group to expand its business.
Our company already ventured in the non-food business arena with the acquisition of Liquigaz and Office Warehouse. This new playing field is a window of opportunity for the company to explore beyond its business interests.
Cosco Capital, Inc.’s spectrum of opportunities is immeasurable. The ambition of the company sets the tone for it to flourish in its future business endeavors. Our dynamic entrepreneurship helps us to become emergent in the ever changing economic challenges. Cosco's promising position, delivers long term profitable business for our partners and stakeholders. The company’s success will continue to thrive to its full circle, driven and committed towards upholding exceptional growth and development for the many years ahead.

Our Investment Portfolio
Our Investment Portfolio

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