Corporate Social Responsibility

Cosco Capital, Inc. values the welfare and the needs of its community. The company strongly believes in making a difference in the lives of the youth through the programs developed under Luis Co Chi Kiat Foundation Inc. (LCCKFI).

Luis Co Chi Kiat Foundation Inc.  is founded and registered on March 28, 2003, by the children of the late Luis Co Chi Kiat. The foundation was established to realize Mr. Co’s concept of work and productivity.

LCCKFI played a responsible part in the community by awarding scholarships to gifted but poor and deserving students. The foundation’s core leaned towards providing educational programs for the youth because they recognized the value of education-a ticket to a better life and future.

They created scholarship programs that benefitted not only the community but also its internal stakeholders. The foundation started Puregold’s Educational Scholarship Program on 2012 and it continuously benefitted the children of Puregold employees. It was also extended and offered last 2013 to the children of S&R employees. The LCCKFI’s College Scholarship Program has steadfastly provided educational aid to students. With its re-launch on 2013, it partnered with more schools to reach more students to continue on their education. The presence of their partnership extends up to the Local or State Universities and Colleges in the country. Currently, the foundation has 238 scholars for the year to date across State Universities and other partner schools.

The foundation will widen its reach to provide more help to the community. With its continuing commitment to serve, more Filipino youth can have access to quality education and quality life.  


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Our Vision as an institution is to embody and serve the society guided by values.


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We will steadily grow, implement and support activities that would strengthen the commitment.


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We have partnered with Universities and Local State Colleges to reach out to the Youth.