Pure Petroleum Corp.

Pure Petroleum Corp. (PPC) commenced operations of a fuel terminal facility inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone in December of 2012. It currently operates at full capacity a tank farm of nine fuel storage tanks with a total capacity of 88.5 Million liters, 700 KL Ethanol and a 250 KL CME storage tank.

The terminal also operates jetty facilities for bulk loading and unloading, mooring buoys, water storage tanks for fire protection and maintenance as well as truck loading racks. It has adapted the best practices of the oils industry, applicable policies and procedures to ensure safe and efficient operation.

The year 2018 was another successful one for the company, with a 100% occupancy rate, an impressive safety and quality record and the continued expansion of its facilities in the form of three new skid tanks with 50,000 liters of capacity. These led to a 64.65% increase in revenues to nearly PHP284 million.

Pure Petroleum looks to build on these accomplishments in the coming years, especially with the  overnment’s aggressive infrastructure program leading to an increased demand in petroleum products.


Our Facilities include the following:

JETTY -  facilities for loading and unloading of bulk diesel fuel

MOORING BUOY SYSTEM - two(2) units mooring buoy

TANK FARM - with concrete dike system (bund wall) for spill containment

STORAGE TANKS 10 Million Liters Capacity - nine(9) intended for Diesel

STORAGE TANK 350 KL Capacity - intended for Coco Methyl Esther (CME)

WATER STORAGE TANK - for fire protection & maintenance

TANK TRUCK LOADING RACK (TTLR) - truck loading facilities

Admin Office

Clinic and Laboratory rooms

Holding Area with Tenant’s office

Oil-water Separator

Pipelines, Valves and related mechanical appurtenances

Pump/Motors and related electromechanical attendants

Genset Room

Oil Spill Containment System 

Fire Protection System designed for petrochemical terminal applications

Service Boat for boom deployment

Stand-by Fire Truck


Part of our facilities includes TANKS. PPC has nine (9) welded steel tanks for diesel fuel storage. The tanks come in 10 million liters capacity. It is API 650 compliant .The tank farm has lightning arresters installed on both sides for safety. 


It has Rosemount vibrating fork level sensors/switches installed for overfill protection. It has an Atmospheric Vents for vapor release to dissipate static electricity particularly during loading and unloading operation. And lastly, it has a Top pourer foam water system from SKUM, BERMAD deluge valves and fire water sprinklers for cooling and foam-water fire fighting systems.


The fuel terminal has a JETTY that has a length of 208 meters and consists of two (2) loading platforms:

one (1) for receiving and discharging

one (1) for discharging

The Draft measures or is equal to 11 Meters.

We have two (2) sets of MOORING BUOY SYSTEM that has the specifications of:

4 sinkers = 20 tons (5 tons each)

100 m chain = 30 tons

2 anchors = 30 tons

2 buoys = 10 tons


The Fire Prevention and Protection

The depot is equipped with firefighting equipment such as fire pumps (3,800gpm), hydrant line system, fixed monitors, hoses, foam, portable fire extinguishers, alarms and fire truck with 1,500 li water tank capacity.

An EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM (ERT) was formed and trained to be ready anytime. PPC personnel were trained and regularly conduct fire drills to hone their firefighting skills.